Corporate Responsibility

Growth Fosters is committed to incorporating responsible business practices into all of our actions as a responsible corporate citizen. We apply our knowledge to make a positive difference in people’s lives and the environment — via action and deeds rather than words.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Mission Statement

Growth Fosters is devoted to assisting in the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Socially Conscious

We operate in a socially and ethically responsible and ethical manner. Internally, we create an environment where our employees may thrive, encourage a diverse workforce, and promote female talent. Externally, we understand our obligation to make a constructive contribution to the community that supports us.

Environment friendly

We work to reduce our environmental footprint and raise environmental awareness. We understand our obligation to future generations to preserve a diverse natural environment.

Economically Conscious

Focusing on our business, we acknowledge our responsibility to provide our clients with long-term solutions. In our project work, we promote responsible and fair methods while adhering to the highest professional and legal requirements.

Corporate Responsibility Report

This, our ninth annual CR report, provides information and performance data on our operations during our 2016 fiscal year. In this report, we share our progress against the ten CR commitments we introduced in 2016 as part of our enhanced CR strategy. We explore the importance of addressing social and environmental challenges in a connected manner, share our challenges and impacts, and highlight the next steps on our CR journey.